About SVP4U

Sometimes the best thing we can do as founders is picking yourself up and try again to fulfill your dreams.

We chose the modern way for it. We say about IT implementation. We will use all our knowledge, all our experience received in construction, ecology, management, investing, jurisprudence, scientific.

We are not afraid and did it. Believe, it will be interesting.

Who are we now? We are Team who work at SVP4U.

What is SVP4U as a Corporation?

SVP4U is the Public Benefit Corporation serving to accelerate high-impact businesses innovating in business, science, and technology with the potential to make a positive social or environmental impact on the world.

What is SVP4U as a Team?

SVP refer to “Society Venture Partners”, 4U refer to - “for you”. We are not just venture partners, we are team, who work to develop high technology industries.